The Stables

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Sink Me, if it ain't time that the story of how The Brigadier Lord Arse and Lord Shuteye met.


Chapter One

The Early Days

The exploits of The Brigadier Lord Arse and Lord Shuteye have never been properly documented. This opuscule will attempt to right that wrong.

Over the years these two gentlemen were to become a constant source of entertainment to their friends and the general populous alike. In these early, heady days their travels were to take them far and wide and as their reputations grew I can assure you dear reader, that wherever they journeyed trouble and intrigue was never more than a minutes forced march away.

The illustrious and some times topsy-turvy careers of these two fine upstanding pillars of society, all started when first they met at the Menzies Officer Boot Camp in the North of our glorious country. Unfortunately, as this was some time ago the camp has long since gone but it was to be a seminal time in the life of our two young gentlemen officers.

The Brigadier and Lord Shuteye

Upon their arrival at the gates of the Camp they were two young men, fresh faced and full of the joys of youth. The Camp in those days was run by General Sir Percy Jenkinson and ably assisted by the inscrutable Lieutenant General Cyril Horner. These two characters were to have quite an impact on the lives of our two intrepid adventurers although they were not to know it at the time.