No 1 Waterloo Room

Sink Me, If I ain't hungry.

Rorkes Drift Night.

In memory of that auspicious occasion this being the anniversary of Rorkes Drift another fine evening was had with several of the members present. Lord Shuteye and the Lady Impress entertained The Brigadier, Lord Blackheart and The Surgeon General. A sumptuous meal was served with a good quantity of fine wines, cheese, cigars and brandy.

4 Members

The Brigadier, Surgeon General, Baron Ironface (Lord Blackheart) and Lord Shuteye.

4 Members

Lord Shuteye was on fine form.

Barond Ironface and The Surgeon General

The Baron and The Surgeon General both enjoying a glass of bubbly.

The Impress

The Impress having drank the entire contents of the giant green bottle took to a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Lord Shuteye and The Brigadier

Lord Shuteye and The Brigadier again enjoying the customary end of meal cigar.

Lord Shuteye and The Brigadier

The end of another glorious evening.

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